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Proof that people are saying things about us

Every time we make a bid for attention or try to project ourselves onto a mass audience, you'll know about it here.

(If you're a member of the press or electronic media who'd like to enable or intervene, email us to be sent a free review copy of Dr. Id, get image files or otherwise have all your questions resolved.)

  • Our first entry is excerpted from a profile of Adam in his neighborhood paper, Parsippany Life (written by Paul Watson, © 2005 North Jersey Media Group Inc.). The article discussed, among other things, Adam's essays for The Superhero Book and his optimistic projections for a Dr. Id comic (though it took an extra year to manifest).

  • Our second session is with Marco Rizzo of the important Italian site, here appearing exclusively in English courtesy of our Italian field researcher Andrea Plazzi.
Also pore through the files linked from our News page.

And please take note of our peer review by industry pros.

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